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Laura H.

I literally refer to Claudio to my friends as "magic healer man" because his gifts are above and beyond being an incredible massage therapist - he's that and so much more. His combo massages of Hot Stone, Swedish, Deep Tissue, and some other fun stuff is out of this world. I felt like a huge physical and emotional weight had been lifted. I usually demand that my massage therapist go extremely, extremely hard because I like to feel like I'm having deep work done. But the thing about Claudio is, he works deeply but in a way that never feels painful.  He makes his own AMAZING essential oils and candle, is a fount of knowledge on Chinese medicine, homeopathic stuff, and pretty much every ailment I've ever asked he knows a little about the cause or solution. He is such a gem!!

I used to work as a receptionist in a massage place, and have had a billion massages- but none make me feel as healed, worked out, and aligned as Claudio. He is so well trained and so intuitive, and you can feel the integrity in everything he does. He is also just a kind, wise person, and that really helps to put me at ease, to be able to trust someone else's energy like that when getting a massage. 

Just amazing!!!

Laura H.

Nanci M. 

FABULOUS!! If you want to feel great, Claudio is the best!! He senses what his clients need and helps them in any way he can.

Jessica R.

Claudio is amazing, he is amazingly intuitive and super knowledgeable. I have tried the combination massage and the Thai massage both were amazing. I also would recommend Shoshana's the Chi Gong class. It is amazing. I never miss it on Saturday morning. This class has retrained by bodies posture and is super relaxing. If you are looking for a wellness experience and some serious hilling. This is the place!

Lorelle S.

If you are reading this then you are looking for help to treat your body. I am a massage "expert" of sorts and I'm super picky. If you are ready to go on an incredible body and mind journey you have found the right place. Not only is Claudio knowledgeable about the body, he is also trained in Ayurveda as well as Thai body work. His desire to truly help people is evident and fresh. The best way I can describe his massage is like an incredible dance. When Claudio goes to work he goes into his "zone" and takes you on a physical, spiritual and emotional journey. He incorporates amazing stretching and hot stones into his massage. The best part is that Claudio knows intuitively what needs to be worked and how to get into those hard spots without hurting you. I promise you will not be disappointed with his work or commitment to you. Looking forward to my next massage.

Leo S.


You could not ask for more professional caring and knowledgeable therapist. Claudio is very dedicated to his clients and very sensitive to your needs.

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