Hello, I’m Claudio.


Welcome to Synergy, my holistic wellness center in Encino, California. 


At Synergy, it is my goal to provide with you with the time and space to heal your body and relax your mind. 


My own path to healing started after a leg injury that left me in constant pain. Having been an athlete all my life, I felt lost without my full physical ability. This began a search for healing that led me around the globe studying a variety of massage traditions as well as Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of preventive health and healing. Together, these time-tested techniques helped rehabilitate my leg and brought me a renewed sense of energy and purpose. 


Synergy is the result of what I have learned about the power of holistic well-being from my own life and studies. It is a delicate blend of healing massage, integrated nutrition,


personalized aromatherapy, and traditional Ayurvedic body treatments. Through the combination of these modalities, I work with you to balance your energy and bring you back to a place of wholeness. The essential oils used in my massages come from herbs grown in my own garden, and are blended based on traditional, Ayurvedic guidelines. I also infuse the oils into the products I sell, creating unique recipes for each of my client’s personal needs.


Nothing gives me greater joy than sharing my knowledge with my clients. I know from experience that with the right techniques and practices, your body and mind can work together so that you may live in optimal physical and spiritual health.

Claudio Masnicoff, LMT, has been a practitioner of therapeutic massage since 2001, specializing in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy Massage, Reflexology, Hot Stones, Tama Do, Reiki, and Thai Massage. Claudio is passionate about learning and sharing his knowledge of ways to balance the body and mind for optimal physical and spiritual health.


His interest has led him to study around the world to deepen his knowledge of massage and other healing arts. He has practiced traditional Thai Massage since 2003 and is a certified advanced practitioner and teacher trainer of Nuad Bo-Rarn traditional Thai Massage. He received his training with ITM, in Chiang Mai Thailand under the authorization of the Thai Ministry of Education and Public Health.


His interest in aromatherapy led him to study Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of preventive health and healing, at Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care in Kerala, India. Known as the science of life, or the sister science to yoga, Ayurveda is a practice of living in balance, based on the food we eat, the environment around us, and our own inner nature. Claudio uses his training to make the essential oils used in his massage practice based on Ayurvedic guidelines. He infuses the oils into the products he sells at the Synergy by Claudio wellness center. 


SHOSH Headshot 1.jpeg

Shoshana Enosh’s QiGong practice began after an intensive search for relief from constant pain caused by a severe automobile accident. Doctors had declared she would be paralyzed from the neck down, but Shoshana was determined to find a natural solution. Relief finally came when she took a yoga class and the teacher inserted some QiGong movements into the flow. From that moment on Shoshana fell in love with QiGong, which was kind to her aching body and also centered her mind.


Since that time twenty years ago, Shoshana has studied QiGong with various masters and teachers including Master Jwing Ming Yang, Master Jiang Jianye, Dr. Bingku Hu, Teja fudo Bell, Dr. Effie Chow, Dr. Pedram Shojai, and many others.


Shoshana teaches private classes, semi-private classes, and general classes up to any age, including seniors ninety years and up. You can attend Shoshana’s QiGong class at Synergy every Saturday morning at 8:30am by dropping by the studio or calling ahead to reserve your spot!

Lilach Shochat.jpeg

Lilach Shochat (B.Ed.) started her career as a special education teacher. Over the last fifteen years she has taken studies in the Grinberg method, pilates, and different massage and body work techniques. She designed Somatic Body Work and Corrective Movement, a method based on the assumption and understanding that our body has the natural ability to heal itself, given the right conditions. 


Lilach explains that we all have built lifelong habits of reacting to things like fear, pain and other life experiences. Because of this, we have conditioned our bodies to automatically move in certain, repetitive ways, which block our energy, our freedom, and cause us pain and discomfort. Somatic Body Work and Corrective Movement is an invitation to explore a new way of relating to your body, relearn your postural potential, and facilitate your optimal health.

One on One sessions with Lilach include somatic body work, recovery after injuries or surgeries, and a variety of therapeutic massage including Swedish, deep tissue, sports, pregnancy & infants, reflexology,

cranial sacral and myofascial release. Group sessions include a movement class led by Lilach.



To book a consultation, please call Lilach directly at  (818) 441-2286.

Synergy has a passionate team of practitioners who have studied an array of healing traditions and are eager to share what they have discovered about health and happiness.